Arcadia @ JRC

The mission of ARCADIA SIT is to support JRC activities with GIS experts, research professionals and IT developers according to the requests received from the JRC.
The ARCADIA SIT recruitment staff are always actively looking for candidates for current and future job positions: send your CV now!
By sending your CV now, ARCADIA SIT will keep you updated about the JRC requests, and you will not miss the chance to be presented for an open position fitting your skills.

ARCADIA SIT provides consultants to the JRC – the EU Joint Research Centre located in Ispra, Italy.
The service is regulated by a Framework Contract, whose aim is to support the JRC with qualified external personnel, providing the technical skills necessary for the best development of the research projects.
The consultants are also called “externals” to distinguish them from the internal staff, who are directly under contract with the European Commission and regulated by specific EU calls for bids.
The consultants provide their support on site (intra muros) at the JRC premises in Ispra. At present, teleworking is allowed only in occasional situations.
The current COVID-19 outbreak may determine in the near future a change in the JRC requests for consultants, favouring teleworking.
ARCADIA SIT will provide the consultants and the candidates with all the updated official information.
The service consultants are hired by ARCADIA SIT with temporary or permanent contracts, or as a freelance.

The recruitment process includes the following steps:

The project leader issues an official request defining the skills of the candidate

The request is received by the company

The recruiters find the best candidates and perform the first interviews

Among the candidates, the company selects the most suitable

To formally apply for the position, the selected candidates have to fill in a specific CV template that is then sent to the JRC team leader by ARCADIA SIT

The JRC team leader filters the candidates and organises a technical interview

At the end of the process, the team leader selects the most suitable candidate

ARCADIA SIT hires the candidate, who will start providing his/her services according to the activities planned by the JRC project leader