Our Mission al JRC

ARCADIA SIT is service provider of JRC (Joint Research Centre) since 2010 .
Our mission is to support its activities with GIS experts, research professionals and IT developers (link to selcv) according to the requests.
The ARCADIA SIT recruitment staff are always actively looking for candidates for current and future job positions.

How We Do

When an open position is available, the recruitment process for JRC consultancy has two main phases.

First, we contact the candidate, introducing the required JRC activities and work conditions. This provides a first evaluation of the candidate’s work experience and attitude.

Once the interview is positively concluded, we present the candidate’s CV to the JRC project leaders, who consider whether or not to proceed with the technical interview. This second interview (via VoIP or in person at the Centre) focuses on the technical aspects and the candidate’s contribution to the research group activities.

If also this second interview is successful, ARCADIA SIT starts the hiring process.

Due to administrative steps, the new employee starts working about 45 days after the interview.