Design and development of multi-tier Java-based web applications

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Job description

Development, Maintenance and Support of JRC Corporate Information Systems

The service being requested aims at the evolution of the JRC Corporate Information Systems in close collaboration with the respective System Owners under the coordination and supervision of the JRC Advanced Computing & ICT Support Unit.


Experience in the design and development of multi-tier Java-based web applications using bleeding-edge front-end frameworks coupled with Java-based back-ends.
In addition to the knowledge and skills implied by the profile, he/she will have an in-depth working knowledge of:

at least one modern JavaScript front-end framework in addition to Angular;

of the Java Persistence API (JPA)

of the Spring Framework

Contract type




Employee Type :

Full Time

Location :

New Orleans

Job Type :

Bachelor Degree

Experience :

5+ Years

Posted at :

Apr 27, 2018